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Gull up in armsE on PorchFenced PumpkinsMonument at Budapest ParkNeepawa Alley Car DetailSnowy ShadowsLeopard SkinMlolongo Under ConstructionCeiling Glass 2Shining ExampleRail and Shadow 3Spiked FoamGoof RatsQueens Park Food FestE aboard the 506A Plant on WabashThe Lake at DuskKismetAnewPortlandsShining through HolesMoose on Little Joe LakeChicago from the River IISault Ste Marie - The 80'sPainted GlassSweater Bench ShadowCrossing Puddle and ReflectionVenezia Detail 7Gardiner in High KeyAmy, 2005Outbound FogDaniel Factory, San Daniele, 1987Triangles over HumberNuit Blanche 2010Sunset on Buck LakeWaterway TilesOut of the WildPreserverSignage in transitionWaterlogged TreesCorn Below CloudsZanzibar WindowA Bunker in High ParkLouvre PyramidArt Store SkylightBlustery at ScarsdaleSpringsteen, Amid Lights, MoonPumpkins on QueenBreakfast at EasyKenwood ChairUrbannautObfuscation JigsawGridRoman Dog, HotVictor Mann FloristSerengetti FaunaA Group of Seven Island on Tommy Thompson LakeMarylin in Chicago IIA FlockLeft for DeadVPiGoat, StaringChiesa di MuniA Loons BackLampbulbA Crane AcrossDoberman and DriverSt. Annes DumpsterKing Township RoadBorderBickford Park Community CenterLexington Ave All Lit UpNgorongoro TreeSun Kwong RestaurantSoo BridgesQueen Street Bus ShelterAubrey CampfireUnderpassHockey NetSneakFlag on CollegeGull and StrollersAtop RoncesvallesWall GridCrossingPurple BubblesBush StepladderGulls at the WaterfrontInto the WildSailboat on Lake OntarioChair on the LotSunset over Burnt Island LakeEaton Centre CeilingShopping in Old CairoToronto from New TorontoBorder Crossing Station, SloveniaIlluminating the FalloffPaisan di Prato, PainterlyStill Life with iPhone and AshtrayE at Friendly ThaiSunnyside ArchesSoggy BoardwalkSerengetti BirdTrails over RoncesvallesWindshieldStairway to DetritusClouds over TanzaniaQueen Street awash in pebblesZanzibar BeachMash AstrayBruce, Carlton, 1995, by EEast End Fencing 3Dexter- 7 MonthsNo Lifeguard on DutyThe Road to SammardenciaParrucchieraRed BrickCurvesCorrugation CrucifiedSnowbound VanAs seen through obstaclesLecturedRail and Shadow 2Ossington StationHigh Park Swamp ReflectionCairo CabAbandonded Bike 2013No 7 Blast Furnace42nd StreetLivio in Rome, 1987CarpetsDufferin Grove GlyphsUnder the TrainsDusty CarPrecambrian Swamp, RuinedPortlands PicnicTorwards UpPicture WindowMichigan AveGracey Side Rd FieldObstaclesStarlight on Burnt Island LakeTree on QueenA Tree AtwangleRiverdale Stone BridgeHouston, the FuturePillars and postsOver the AlpsTowards High Park, through a Window, SunsettishE, mid-torso w SamHumber BayTree in front of Humber BayZanzibar at NightStairs of the Buddhist TempleWallFred Hamilton FountainNgorongoro Zebra DetailSunny beyond the LotPompeii BasinScaffoldingJen, 1989 #2East End Fencing 2CN Plus GuestsTappingParty BusDevils Gorge- FrontenacCanoe ParkingBoltedFaded TorontoWispy BricksSeine at NightMetal Rusting in LeslievilleSign plane CinesphereSunnyside BoardwalkSteamy SuperheroSigns of SpringHang on St. ChristopherSnowy BenchStir SticksHigh Park Surface TensionPidgeon FeathersQueen Street Vacant LotAuroraRadio waves above Queen StreetBen at BrunchDrizzleParkdale SunflowerGrommetCadbury StairWatering PhoenixIron Brambles of Tommy Thompson ParkChicago from the RiverRed and GrayAetnaBark and CerealsBycicles, UdineMarie Curtis Beach EnshadowedFeet atop ParisBill on the right side of the Dotted LineDundas W Pedestrian Bridge ShadowEdgeMissing KnockerDripping from Massey HallHouse at the LocksFire behind the hillA Rummy in TriesteThe future, shinyAttic in the CortinaUnder the CarsPylon AngstScarborough Bluffs TreePerched before the TowerColour NoiseMirror MorningTile and IronVineland EstatesThreadsHigh Park LatticeChimneys upon BlueVenezia Detail 6In the CulvertUnswept WebMonument at Budapest Park 2Mom and PopTwigsLucy and MaxBell AdobeShrub from ElsewhereStreet Tree and Loiterer at the Boulevard St. MichelAlong the Via delle AlpiThe BrinkBill at Queen MotherNAGardiner at NightHigh Park Night Fog 2Snowing on RoncesvallesDripping from Massey Hall 2George Ben Park 2Pompeii Pillar100kphSerengetti TreeCeiling GlassErick, Rome, 1987East End Fencing 1G20 Fence 1BalancingTrinity Bellwoods at NightNightfall at Buck LakeCaptain JohnProtectionWisps above the coreStaircaseOld PineMulti Half Orb Plus BlueLichii for SaleAirshow GawkersCoronal DwellingCrystal MattressGlowering BeefcakeStopStrataGeorge Ben Park 3Green SignZanzibari FishermenQueen in shadowMissinaibi PictographsThree Trees Queen StreetE at SunriseFixturesRooftops of FirenzeDescendedBookstore on QueenRoman GirlsSkyline from Tommy Thompson PointPrairies of Northern OntarioSquirrel in a hurryBuilding plus skyBudd Line BucoliaMaasai SchoolhouseA Willow on the Edge of MississaugaLa Tour EiffelWalking ByThe Corrugated BlawsNumber Seven FurnaceE, Imprunetta, 2001 #3StuccoTrees at West Toronto CollegiateCurved EglintonNew Years FogScarborough Bluff #2Golden SignsFencingIsland at NightfallCalm reflectionRuscom Station WindmillPainted RopeMarie Curtis ParkThe RoadVenezia Detail 3Pad and PondChilled lit AbandonwareChamps Food SuppliesSnow ReceedingMelting TowerHazzardGlass on the BarBickford Park Community Center 2Milky StreamMaasai Schoolhouse BluesRail and ShadowBridge GearsEiffel Inside OutCastelliereLakewaterHiawatha Dam 2009A head on RoncesvallesRoncesvalles through ShelterSunlight over the Great Rift ValleySam on a LeashFormations on the BeachGeorge Ben Park 1Serengetti SunsetSerif ReliefJupiterianReverse ViewAngelo and Erick, 1987Around the corner from LetcherArray of Sales ToolsAdourian's Rug GalleriesIcy PoolCanoe and MoonlightStaggered LamppostsFlakedE ScrambledVandalizedMorning on Burnt Island LakeMohaskaThree ZebrasWindow SiltElvis among his AdmirersThe Motel Motel Number 1Snore Gh GlobeGladstone BarrierSlipperyQueen near BruceHydro Wires In the DistancePolentaDon, Kawawaymog, 2005Tulip in SunlightKawawaymog Dead TreeTroughCrowds Assembled before FembotsVatican LoversStructrue at Sherbourne CommonsMattice TrailerThat wayBabiesWebs and old WoodCorn AccumulatingMother and Son About Stone TownEnlightenment on the 506A Wing- Somewhere over the AtlanticEngine- Moon and Window DetritusPointed Upwards in the BeachLightpost, gossamer and bomberFenced and HungSprayLignano LampWire PidgeonsAbandoned KodakQueens Park RetroScarborough Bluff #1Bridge to the FutureConstruction BlueBird at SunsetThree RisersRuscom Station SideroadLasting ImpressionsTower Square 2Window and textureVenezia Detail 2A Loon AfloatParking MirrorWindow GlobuleCeiling Forms 2Incline over CurveBoy, 2Snowfall and FootstepMatressesMarmaduke SidewalkIcy DonNicolet TavernSault International BridgeAlgoma Steel behind fenceErick, CairoTowersCollege BlockMeserani Snake Park BarHydro Towers in the sticksHitler CatRail Trail JuttingArmoured Utility IslandPillar and PostHiawatha Watercolour 2Leaves of Nov 4Leaves of Nov 6Leaves of Nov 7Leaves of Nov 8Leaves of Nov 9Damned CatROM FoyerBudhist Temple StairsParquet in ConqureteRed Red RedBelching MarbleKawawaymog Daddy Long LegsString of GlobesSuspended CirclesDundas W Pedestrian BridgeGlass of FilthMacroscopic OrbitPapyrus for SaleROM Gallery 1ROM Gallery 3ROM Grand Opening 6ROM StairsROM Grand Opening 1ROM Grand Opening 2ROM Grand Opening 3ROM Grand Opening 4ROM Gallery 2ROM Grand Opening 5ROM LoungeROM Window Overlooking BloorAmsterdam ArchEl Ghoory MosqueLongonot GorgeLongonot SummitZanzibar DoorZanzibar FishermanKiliminjaro AirportMother and Son at ManyaraNgorongoro Controlled BurnHwy 17 MotelSt Patrick Stn 2007Umbra 2Black Limo to the SticksGoulais Creek PondscumGros Cap FaunaSault TurbinesAbandoned SnowbankCracked WindowJohn St ChairsParking Lot OfficeSelf Portrait 2008Abandoned Bike on NeepawaSidewalk GrateSidewalk SnowWalking DreamCoat DetailIcicles 10Icicles 9Streetcar PatronThe Building through WindowIcicles 3Icicles 4Icicles 5Icicles 6Icicles 7CondensedEaves DrainIcicles 1Icicles 2Sam in a SnowstormHalf Buried Lawn ChairNo Parking15 Years of WaterAccumulationCalcified ProtuberanceIl due caniThe EyePompei DogVenice PidgeonsPath to the GamesPompei ColumnSVPOTAt the VaticanRome WalkwayTemple FacadeBen and the Tourist TradeGates of the ColloseumLooking behind them, a large mushroomUrban MushroomLeaves of Nov 2Dundas West StationBloor W BenchIce and Insulation 2Stalks at High ParkParkdale TreeSpringhurst DumpsterDowling Ave BridgeDowling BenchHouse overlooking the GardinerTree overlooking the GardinerGlenavon Dead EndHigh Park Elm RootsHydro Tower from the windowLucy and Max at High ParkSilo BacklitSpigot outside the StoreAdirondack and CollegeSaturday SkyBroken WindowErick Fixing the WindowHwy 651 BendErick in the CarYork Student CentreGuido and BeagleLivio and HouseBathurst St. DetritusTolton House Back PorchLeaf Wall 2 (Multiple Exposure)Gong Island TreeHiawatha StairsRail TwigSpringhurstLivio in the KitchenSpouting GrafittiErick on Hwy 554Downtown MissinabieLarsen CoveTolton House PianoSault Leaves, SeptSunset over Gros CapSault Fern 1987Twin TreesBrick CharmsTangleMudflatsUnlikely MonasteryBrians PlaceFlorenceville BridgeMoon over Fundy BayQuebec at SunsetDriftwood at Economy PointEconomy Falls 1Economy PointSeaweed and SandstoneTruroDiligent RiverPicnic table cover and FenceTrail to Cape dOrPartridge IslandRoute 204, Cumberland CountyEconomy United Church 2Phone Booth by the ChurchDriftwood RootsDriftwood on Fundy BayUpset SparrowTTC GateExpressMarqueeCNE TelephoneCNE Temple FacadeCorndogsFoodAccordian MainsEightGravel on RoncesvallesReconstruction ImplementRoncesvalles UnreconstructedLabour DayRoncesvalles Unreconstructed 2Semi CirclesTeleviewTubesFrosted Bucket of SomethingFrosted GrassHarmony BirdRodsTemporary RoofingFrosted FernsFrosted FoliageFrosted Foliage 2Hiawatha Lake 2009Hiawatha Lake 2009 2Hiawatha CausewayHiawatha PondHiawatha TreeHiawatha WatercolourLeaves on the MoveAbandoned LogsDangerFerris Wheel Pods