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Out of the WildSoggy BoardwalkThreadsNumber Seven FurnaceLignano LampLa Tour EiffelTroughGull up in armsKics BufeE on PorchJupiterianCastelliereDusty CarSunnyside BoardwalkMetropolitan LinesChair on the LotCrystal MattressVPiCarpetsIcy DonStairway to DetritusIlluminating the FalloffCanoe ParkingCollege BlockTowards High Park, through a Window, SunsettishSunbathedCorn Below CloudsSerif ReliefMelting TowerThe RoadAbandoned KodakGladstone BarrierHydro Wires In the DistancePointed Upwards in the BeachPreserverPylon AngstMonument at Budapest Park 2StorageMlolongo Under ConstructionQueens Park Food FestMichigan AveGlass on the BarE aboard the 506Lichii for SaleThree Trees Queen StreetMatressesParrucchieraIron Brambles of Tommy Thompson ParkStairs of the Buddhist TempleJen, 1989 #2Devils Gorge- FrontenacMorning on Burnt Island LakeFencingRail and Shadow 2Roman Dog, HotDaniel Factory, San Daniele, 1987Lightpost, gossamer and bomberPottery by the SeaChicago from the River IIObfuscation JigsawMaasai SchoolhouseQueen in shadowVenezia Detail 7Perched before the TowerKing Township RoadSunlight over the Great Rift ValleyElvis among his AdmirersBen at BrunchWatering PhoenixWebs and old WoodTrinity Bellwoods at NightNABelow Marcy Avenue Station 2A FlockThe Motel Motel Number 1Marmaduke SidewalkToronto from New TorontoEast End Fencing 2Sault International BridgeA Loon AfloatTorwards UpPainted RopeAlgoma Steel behind fenceBoy, 2Glowering BeefcakeBorder Crossing Station, SloveniaTriangles over HumberA Rummy in TriesteScarborough Bluffs TreeExit Utca BankDundas W Pedestrian Bridge ShadowShining ExampleFlag on CollegeCoronal DwellingMarcy Avenue Station 3Queen Street awash in pebblesWispy BricksDripping from Massey Hall 2No Lifeguard on DutyDrizzleNgorongoro TreeFred Hamilton FountainPillars and postsCaptain JohnHockey NetParking MirrorWien HauptbahnhofInto the WildTree in front of Humber BayE at Friendly ThaiSerengetti FaunaBlustery at ScarsdaleSailboat on Lake OntarioNew Years FogChamps Food SuppliesStatue of Liberty 2016AetnaSteamy SuperheroSweater Bench ShadowThe future, shinyThree ZebrasBickford Park Community CenterSeine at NightSkyline from Tommy Thompson PointBelow Marcy Avenue StationSnowing on RoncesvallesErick, Rome, 1987Nightfall at Buck LakeMoose on Little Joe LakeConstruction BlueRail and ShadowEaton Centre CeilingScaffoldingIncline over CurveWindow and textureSneakTile and IronBill on the right side of the Dotted LineMother and Son About Stone Town42nd StreetEdgeVenezia Detail 6Golden SignsStopE at SunriseRoman GirlsWaterlogged TreesBorderIcy PoolA head on RoncesvallesGracey Side Rd Field100kphLexington Ave All Lit UpRiverdale Stone BridgeEast End Fencing 1Soo BridgesA Loons BackThat wayClouds over TanzaniaDexter- 7 MonthsStill Life with iPhone and AshtrayPigeons of the NachtMarktLucy and MaxKenwood ChairLouvre PyramidCrossingE, Imprunetta, 2001 #3Scarborough Bluff #2Exhibition GoCrowds Assembled before FembotsFenced and HungMarcy Avenue Station 2Sault Ste Marie - The 80'sPolentaStaircaseMarie Curtis Beach EnshadowedFixturesMirror MorningCairo CabGeorge Ben Park 2Street Tree and Loiterer at the Boulevard St. MichelStaggered LamppostsDufferin Grove GlyphsLampbulbVestigal MonolithsBoltedGardiner at NightLasting ImpressionsNicolet TavernBuilding plus skyWallHigh Park LatticeStuccoGeorge Ben Park 3Walking ByStructrue at Sherbourne CommonsFenced PumpkinsA canon peers over Fort YorkSam on a LeashAngelo and Erick, 1987Canoe and MoonlightWall GridBreakfast at EasyTree on QueenCeiling Forms 2St. Annes DumpsterGoat, StaringUnder the TrainsE, mid-torso w SamZanzibar BeachPaisan di Prato, PainterlyFaded TorontoQueens Park RetroWindow GlobuleRooftops of NYCZanzibar WindowQueen near BruceStir SticksVenezia Detail 3Bridge to the FutureWire PidgeonsDon, Kawawaymog, 2005Vatican LoversSunset over Burnt Island LakeVandalizedDripping from Massey HallA Plant on WabashBark and CerealsGardiner in High KeyKismetHigh Park Swamp ReflectionBell AdobeAround the corner from LetcherNo 7 Blast FurnaceRed BrickSquirrel in a hurryNgorongoro Zebra DetailCN Plus GuestsSpringsteen, Amid Lights, MoonPalm BaseCalm reflectionReverse ViewNuit Blanche 2010Pumpkins on QueenFire EscapeVineland EstatesStrataA Willow on the Edge of MississaugaTulip in SunlightThe Lake at DuskIsland at NightfallPidgeon FeathersGeorge Ben Park 1Eiffel Inside OutParkdale SunflowerCurvesTwenty Three in BrusselsProtectionRoncesvalles through ShelterLeft for DeadQueen Street Vacant LotHazzardSerengetti BirdA Wing- Somewhere over the AtlanticTappingErick, CairoScarborough Bluff #1Dome InteriorBabiesSnowfall and FootstepMarie Curtis ParkTowersSnore Gh GlobeEngine- Moon and Window DetritusWaterway TilesAttic in the CortinaUnswept WebUmbrellas of Sugar BeachNeepawa Alley Car DetailSpiked FoamPrairies of Northern OntarioSnowy ShadowsGoof RatsMulti Half Orb Plus BlueCeiling Glass 2As seen through obstaclesThe Road to SammardenciaGrommetBill at Queen MotherPompeii BasinOver the AlpsWisps above the coreBookstore on QueenA Crane AcrossRectangles in BrooklynUrbannautAmy, 2005Sunset on Buck LakeStarlight on Burnt Island LakeShining through HolesSprayBudd Line BucoliaMash AstrayCrossing Puddle and ReflectionUnder the CarsHigh Park Surface TensionWindow SiltAuroraMetal Rusting in LeslievilleRed and GrayPompeii PillarG20 Fence 1The BrinkLeaning LeftThree RisersSnowbound VanShopping in Old CairoRadio waves above Queen StreetOssington StationVenezia Detail 2Atop RoncesvallesRuscom Station WindmillSunny beyond the LotMissing KnockerEnlightenment on the 506Outbound FogHouse at the LocksIn the CulvertBird at SunsetZanzibari FishermenLeopard SkinRooftops of FirenzeSign plane CinesphereThe way is barredCeiling GlassFlakedAbandonded Bike 2013ObstaclesSun Kwong RestaurantLecturedZanzibar at NightHouston, the FutureBalancingAubrey CampfireGull and StrollersBudapestPurple BubblesSunnyside ArchesEMMaasai Schoolhouse BluesGridArt Store SkylightGulls at the WaterfrontTrees at West Toronto CollegiateChilled lit AbandonwareTwistMattice TrailerSnowy BenchPainted GlassFire behind the hillMohaskaSigns of SpringFeet atop ParisDescendedLanguishing beside a PalmHiawatha Dam 2009Serengetti TreeAlong the Via delle AlpiE ScrambledCadbury StairCorrugation CrucifiedRain under the L trainSignage in transitionRail and Shadow 3Tower Square 2UnderpassFormations on the BeachCorn AccumulatingSnow ReceedingTwigsChimneys upon BlueCurved EglintonGreen SignMissinaibi PictographsThe Corrugated BlawsPicture WindowMonument at Budapest ParkThunderboltSerengetti SunsetArray of Sales ToolsLakewaterMarylin in Chicago IIWindshieldA Tree AtwangleVictor Mann FloristBickford Park Community Center 2Chiesa di MuniPortlands PicnicTrails over RoncesvallesBruce, Carlton, 1995, by EBush StepladderOld PineColour NoiseMilky StreamA Bunker in High ParkEast End Fencing 3Bridge GearsPad and PondA Group of Seven Island on Tommy Thompson LakeSlipperyKawawaymog Dead TreeAirshow GawkersSkylight in KeletiChicago from the RiverDoberman and DriverAnewBycicles, UdineQueen Street Bus ShelterPortlandsHang on St. ChristopherHigh Park Night Fog 2Shrub from ElsewhereAdourian's Rug GalleriesLivio in Rome, 1987Precambrian Swamp, RuinedA Cab Runs Through ItParty BusHumber BayE in WilliamsburgRuscom Station SideroadMom and PopMeserani Snake Park BarHitler CatHydro Towers in the sticksRail Trail JuttingArmoured Utility IslandPillar and PostHiawatha Watercolour 2Leaves of Nov 4Leaves of Nov 6Leaves of Nov 7Leaves of Nov 8Leaves of Nov 9Damned CatROM FoyerBudhist Temple StairsParquet in ConqureteRed Red RedBelching MarbleKawawaymog Daddy Long LegsString of GlobesSuspended CirclesDundas W Pedestrian BridgeGlass of FilthMacroscopic OrbitPapyrus for SaleROM Gallery 1ROM Gallery 3ROM Grand Opening 6ROM StairsROM Grand Opening 1ROM Grand Opening 2ROM Grand Opening 3ROM Grand Opening 4ROM Gallery 2ROM Grand Opening 5ROM LoungeROM Window Overlooking BloorAmsterdam ArchEl Ghoory MosqueLongonot GorgeLongonot SummitZanzibar DoorZanzibar FishermanKiliminjaro AirportMother and Son at ManyaraNgorongoro Controlled BurnHwy 17 MotelSt Patrick Stn 2007Umbra 2Black Limo to the SticksGoulais Creek PondscumGros Cap FaunaSault TurbinesAbandoned SnowbankCracked WindowJohn St ChairsParking Lot OfficeSelf Portrait 2008Abandoned Bike on NeepawaSidewalk GrateSidewalk SnowWalking DreamCoat DetailIcicles 10Icicles 9Streetcar PatronThe Building through WindowIcicles 3Icicles 4Icicles 5Icicles 6Icicles 7CondensedEaves DrainIcicles 1Icicles 2Sam in a SnowstormHalf Buried Lawn ChairNo Parking15 Years of WaterAccumulationCalcified ProtuberanceIl due caniThe EyePompei DogVenice PidgeonsPath to the GamesPompei ColumnSVPOTAt the VaticanRome WalkwayTemple FacadeBen and the Tourist TradeGates of the ColloseumLooking behind them, a large mushroomUrban MushroomLeaves of Nov 2Dundas West StationBloor W BenchIce and Insulation 2Stalks at High ParkParkdale TreeSpringhurst DumpsterDowling Ave BridgeDowling BenchHouse overlooking the GardinerTree overlooking the GardinerGlenavon Dead EndHigh Park Elm RootsHydro Tower from the windowLucy and Max at High ParkSilo BacklitSpigot outside the StoreAdirondack and CollegeSaturday SkyBroken WindowErick Fixing the WindowHwy 651 BendErick in the CarYork Student CentreGuido and BeagleLivio and HouseBathurst St. DetritusTolton House Back PorchLeaf Wall 2 (Multiple Exposure)Gong Island TreeHiawatha StairsRail TwigSpringhurstLivio in the KitchenSpouting GrafittiErick on Hwy 554Downtown MissinabieLarsen CoveTolton House PianoSault Leaves, SeptSunset over Gros CapSault Fern 1987Twin TreesBrick CharmsTangleMudflatsUnlikely MonasteryBrians PlaceFlorenceville BridgeMoon over Fundy BayQuebec at SunsetDriftwood at Economy PointEconomy Falls 1Economy PointSeaweed and SandstoneTruroDiligent RiverPicnic table cover and FenceTrail to Cape dOrPartridge IslandRoute 204, Cumberland CountyEconomy United Church 2Phone Booth by the ChurchDriftwood RootsDriftwood on Fundy BayUpset SparrowTTC GateExpressMarqueeCNE TelephoneCNE Temple FacadeCorndogsFoodAccordian MainsEightGravel on RoncesvallesReconstruction ImplementRoncesvalles UnreconstructedLabour DayRoncesvalles Unreconstructed 2Semi CirclesTeleviewTubesFrosted Bucket of SomethingFrosted GrassHarmony BirdRodsTemporary RoofingFrosted FernsFrosted FoliageFrosted Foliage 2Hiawatha Lake 2009Hiawatha Lake 2009 2Hiawatha CausewayHiawatha PondHiawatha TreeHiawatha WatercolourLeaves on the MoveAbandoned LogsDangerFerris Wheel Pods